Hope you are doing well!  I wanted to let you know it is very possible to get your Property Taxes Reduced- sometimes substantially!
I just received another 3 Year Reduction on my home property taxes. I am now down below $7,000. This is my third reduction over the years from a high of $12,200 property taxes. I have to pay my Tax Attorney a total of $1,278 now but my 3 year savings is $7,065.
My experience is letting a Tax Attorney deal with it- unfortunately it seems the system demands an attorney be involved to get the reduction we deserve! I suggest checking into this because it will not only save you money but a reduction will help the sale of your home whenever you decide to sell. Every Buyer out there is concerned about Property Taxes.
The good news is if the Attorney does not think they can save you money... they will let you know. Bottom line is you will not be charged a fee unless they successfully reduce your property tax.
If you decide to pursue this I can email you the Tax Attorney that does mine. Call me or email me with any questions. I'd like to help you any way I can.
my cell is 708-372-8752

Dean Christofilos